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08-09-2014 Quantums at Mt. Equinox

Dad and I decided that we would try something different at the Mount Equinox hillclimb this year. Instead of shooting for a really quick time with our fastest cars, we would bring the two Quantums and fly the flag of H-Modified in the VSCCA. True, H-Modified cars are not very good at hillclimbs, but we figured we'd still have fun and it would be good to give the fragile Lotus a break from the brutally cracked and bumpy mountain road.

The cars showed well, doing the best that could be expected of their scant displacement. However, both ended the weekend a little injured. The Quantum One caught fire after a fuel line came loose on the descent. The engine side-stay failed on the Quantum Two and the engine broke two piston rings on the final run up the mountain. We had fun, but have a bit of work to do over the winter to repair the cars for 2015.


The view from the top of the mountain. Yes, we climb all the way from that valley.


The failed side-stay on the Q2. I fixed it and continued to race.


The Vapaa Vintage Racing Quantum pits.


 Top of the mountain.


Damage from the engine fire on the Quantum One.


My custom helmet, helping to keep things SAAB.