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The most recent competitive outing for the Quantum One resulted in a rather alarming end.

We took the Quantums One and Two to the VSCCA's Mount Equinox Hillclimb in Vermont during the second weekend of August last year. It must be said that H-Modified cars are not really that well suited to hillclimbing. They are designed as momentum cars, with their primary purpose of efficiently maintaining what little speed their small displacement engines can produce. Hillclimbs are their kryptonite. Still, we weren't last and we did get a chance to look around at the countryside on the way up the mountain a bit.

On Sunday morning, Dad was driving the Quantum One down the mountain after another successful run when he noticed an engine fire. Thinking that it was a carburetor fire, he attempted to suck the fire down into engine by opening the throttle. Unfortunately, it turned out that a fuel line had come free from the carburetor and was pouring fuel all over the engine. We suspect that a backfire ignited the spill. At that point, the rubber fuel lines caught, as well as the wire insulation and anything else flammable. He made it to the nearest corner worker station and they emptied a couple of fire extinguishers on the problem, effectively putting it out. However, by this time, a lot of damage was done.


I am happy to say that as of this writing, the car has been repaired and is ready to race again.