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Quantum Two at PVGP 2014

I took the Quantum Two to the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix over the July 20-21 2014 weekend. We battled with blown head gaskets all weekend, which we later discovered was due to a blow head gasket. Amazingly, I was able to complete enough laps to qualify the car well. The conditions during qualifying were perfect for me and the car, meaning that it was pouring down rain!

Unfortunately, on the sunny Sunday of the race, I managed only a lap and a half before spinning on my own coolant when the head gasket failed again. Still, it bodes well for another try another year.

At our overnight stop in Somerset during the tow out (photo by Chris Raia)


Turn 1 (Photo by Chris Raia)

Over Panther Hollow bridge (photo by Bill Stoler)

in the middle of the Serpentine (photo by Mike Kelley)

These are the qualifying results for my race. Mark would go on to win the race by a huge margin.