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Known Race History for the Quantum 2

We don't know a lot about the race history of the Quantum 2, but we do know this much...

It raced in the 1961 Marlboro 6 Hour race at the Marlboro Motor Raceway in Upper Marlboro, MD with the number 57. The photo below shows the Quantum 2 with the sister Quantum 1 (number 12) on the grid. It was a modified "LeMans" start so the cars were lined up in the pits facing towards the main straight.

Richard 'Dick' Nash / Gene 'Gino' Hobbs finished in 22nd place having covered 149 laps in car # 57 (the Quantum 2) Miller / Joe Dodge were not so lucky, only covering 81 laps and was placed 30th overall (probably not running) in car # 12 (the Quantum 1)

We are very lucky to have been provided with some film footage of the 1961 Marlboro 6 Hour race in which the Quantums are featured. Below is a series of excerpts from that footage focusing on the Quantums.