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01-19-2014 Race Preparation Begins

I finally got the garage (mostly) cleared out and started working on the race preparation of the Quantum 2. It has been a long time coming but if I want to have it ready for shakedown at theĀ first VSCCA event of the year in Pocono (April 12th & 13th), I have to get cracking.

Pocono is a good place for the car to go for a its first vintage racing event.

  • It is as affordable as our events get, both for the event itself and for the local hotels.
  • Spectators can see the entire course from a single viewing point (good for crew to know what is going on).
  • Temperatures are generally mild or downright chilly, so if there are faults in the cooling system we can sneak up on them.
  • The course is undemanding or downright boring, so if the car is not 100% there's plenty of time to think about it.
  • It is close to home, so the long tow back is less long if things go poorly.
So that's the goal.

11 Weeks to Go

Keep in mind, this is NOT a restoration

I am doing a mechanical refurbishment with specific modifications to meet vintage racing legality. The goal is to maintain the car's "as found" and "as last raced" appearance.

So where do I start?

I start with the things that I might need another set of hands with. In this case, the roll bar.
Dad is happy to help, but he leaves for the mountain house in a few weeks. My window of opportunity is relatively small.
The roll bar will start as a single long piece that is a bit of a bear to manage alone.
First things first. Yank the old one!
The original roll bar is held in by bolts going through double-halves of muffler clamps.
As it turns out, this is apropo...
Because the original roll bar is made out of exhaust tubing!
My goal is to mimic the profile of the original, so there's my template.