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03-13-2014 Q2 Progress so far

I've been busy.

While I haven't kept records of my daily progress, since I last wrote that the race preparation was starting I have done quite a lot. Plenty is left to do of course.

Here are a few of the highlights:

Expansion Chamber

Dad and I spent some good time together fabricating an expansion chamber. I finished it up after he left for the mountain house.

Following this, I hung most of a new exhaust system behind it. Only the final section remains to be done.


I rebuilt (took apart and cleaned and put back together again) all of the wheel cylinders.

Here is one of the front (4) all laid out and ready to go back together.

I took apart the brake master cylinder, which was made easier by the fact that they used a shop air line fitting as the hose barb for the remote reservoir.

However, I discovered that either I lost a part of the internals (unlikely, but not impossible) or that part had been missing from a previous rebuild job. So I had to go hunting for a rebuild kit. It has arrived, and now I need to finish the rebuild job.

Roll Bar

While Dad was still here, we bent the main hoop of the roll bar and figured out how to fit it. We did it a little crooked, so I had to make some fixes, but that's all done now. I finished the welding on the bar and braces last weekend and only have to wait for the harness belts to arrive (to do a final test fit) before sandblasting and painting.


I had a difficult time locating new outer driveshaft boots, but a SAAB collector named John Bottger found an unused set in his collection and sold them to me so I didn't have to buy a set all the way from Sweden!

After I sent off some of my brake lines to be re-made in braided stainless format, I was informed that he didn't have the correct fittings and they couldn't be completed. So I've had to look elsewhere. Moss Motors has gotten three orders from me in as many days.

Because my local British parts supplier is temporarily closed for a few months, I am struggling to find things that fit the plumbing on my car (which is largely British). For example, I need some 3/8 British Standard Pipe Thread banjo bolts... I had to order those from Moss too.

The new harness belts were on backorder, but have now shipped.

There's more, but I am out of time for this update. Come back later for more!